Enzyme Alive or Dead

That title could mean many different things. Your cells are either enzyme alive or they can’t perform the necessary metabolic functions to sustain life. Your whole body is either enzymatically alive or it is dead.

However, this title is a question regarding the lacto-fermented foods I produce. Do they have live enzymes?

One of the tests for live, activated enzymes is to sprinkle some over a bowl of warm oatmeal and let it sit for 20 minutes. If the enzymes liquefy the oatmeal, you know they are active. If no liquid forms, either the enzymes are not viable or they lack certain co-factors, minerals and vitamins, to activate them. Which amounts to the same thing as far as function goes.

I was warming up my breakfast of lacto-fermented oatmeal and had added in a lump of cold, non-fermented oatmeal. I let my bowl of food warm gently over a pan of hot water for about 20 minutes until the food was ready to eat. After uncovering the bowl, the first thing I noticed was a quantity of clear liquid around the lump of non-fermented oatmeal. While not appetizing, it was exciting to verify that I am producing enzyme alive, easy to digest food.

So, definitely not dead!

By Ellis Hein

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