Vegetable Pounders

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  • Special Pricing on Boxelder Pounders
  • 36 inch tall, 4 inch diameter Pounder

Wooden, Vegetable Pounder

My vegetable pounders are made from food safe wood. (They are currently being made from oak, though I reserve the right to use other species according to the dictates of availability.) They are sized to fit into a wide-mouth canning jar and come in two standard sizes. For a custom-turning-fee, I can make a pounder to fit your specifications. Email me at woodturnedart[at] for more information. (Replace the [at] with @ for a useable email address)

I have redesigned the handle of all my pounders to be shaped like the boxelder pounder pictured below. The advantage of this shape is that it is easier to hold onto. The bulge of the handle is designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand so that your thumb and first finger constrict on the narrow portion above the bulge.


If you are interested in more than one pounder shipped to the same address, contact me for information on shipping prices.

9 to 11 inches tall — $30.00 plus shipping PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

12 to 14 inches tall — $35.00 plus shipping PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Find out how to qualify for a vegetable pounder at half-price. Click here to see my special offer.

Shipping will be by Parcel Post

Special: Reduced Pricing on Boxelder Pounders

I have some boxelder pounders that I am offering at a reduced price. (Boxelder is a member of the maple family. Its wood is not as hard as oak, for example, but works fine for making vegetable pounders or jar stuffers.) This size of pounder normally sells at $30.00. I am offering these for $25.00 each (plus shipping). Note: the photo shown is the only one I have with grain like this. Once it is sold, the others will not look similar.

A Representative, Boxelder Pounder

A Representative, Boxelder Pounder

Boxelder pounder
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

If you have questions regarding my vegetable pounders, feel free to fill out my contact form below.

A Pounder Fit For A Crock

A Pounder Fit For A Crock

Are You Making Kraut in a Crock?

My large vegetable pounders are made to work with large crocks. The pounder is 4 inches diameter and stands approximately 36 inches tall. The photo shows the large pounder standing beside a 12 inch tall pounder for scale.

Contact me for pricing and availability.


  • I used the vegetable pounder to make a whole bunch of kraut. I love it and am very glad I bought it! Thank-you.
    S.H., California
  • I am very happy with the pounder. It’s just what I expected.
    T.H., Texas
  • They’re perfect
    S.B. Pennsylvania
  • The wooden pounders just arrived. They are absolutely beautiful. I thank you so much…I know that people are always looking for wooden pounders and to be honest, they are like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I had almost given up before I found you and I can’t even remember where I found you…I had gone through every kitchen and speciality catalog and website that I could find…. the few items that were being peddled as wooden pounders were very poor excuses for anything remotely resembling a kitchen tool. They truly are gorgeous, Ellis……and definitely functional, solid and reasonably priced.
    L.C., Florida

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3 Responses to “Vegetable Pounders”

  1. Ola! Heinfamilyenterprises,
    Very interesting, before this is directed at me (like, to my horror, my previous posts)
    i just want to know what you all think?
    do YOU think it is healthier? surely potein is harder to come by when you’re restricted to beans? and no KFC, Quarter pounders? im not a vegetarian or anything but i do love vegetables….some…and if you are a vegetarian, i do admire you.

  2. Ellis Hein says:

    Serena, Your question about protein is a good question. The answer is not as straightforward as might seem. Take for example your Quarter Pounder, at most, your body incorporates only 17% of the protein in that beef, maybe less depending upon how the beef has been raised and handled and the condition of your digestive system. On the other hand, a certain blue-green alga delivers to you a full spectrum of all the amino acids (components that make up protein) the human body needs. This blue-green alga is about 60% protein by weight. When you eat this blue-green alga, your body incorporates 75% of that protein. Further, the amino-acid profile you get from that alga is nearly identical to that supplied by human breast-milk.

    There are other foods that compliment each other to complete protein you ingest. I suggest quinoa in addition to beans as a possible source of protein for example. There is a lot of literature available to supply more information if you are interested.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.


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